Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Decision

Young, energetic and a dreamer lad had his most difficult decision to make. There are things bothering him since few years back, never left him with his long life dilemma. His self esteem went soaring down with a little doubt of all his abilities to do something good. A real looser..he thinks.

Days past and was then convinced by his friend to have a little chat in a cup of coffee. They discussed everything going on locally and internationally, a question on what's life out there when you leave your country for good or get a job to fire up your future. He listened all through out the discussion and sometimes imagining the situation that he will have to put in to. Looking out the cafe window as if no walls and trees are blocking his sight, a thought of doubt and enthusiasm.

He went home nothing on his mind, emptiness that will take him weeks to think. He took his shower and sat down at his sala. He looked at all his pictures and started to realize that he was getting old since he was playing those Magic cards and enjoying getting out with his friends. Turned on the TV to watch his favorite cooking show thinking that maybe he could use the cooking techniques on his independence. As far as he remembered, his first job was not that bad. Enjoyed a lot in a couple of years and wasn't that busy.

A bright sun lit up the corner of his room illuminating the tiled floor. He got up and turned off the air conditioner that has been compressing for few hours already. Got out his room checking the refrigerator on what to eat for breakfast. Got a carton of cereal and poured in a bowl with milk. He sat down at his comfortable chair facing the window through the flowery garden with beautiful flying creatures. He then remembered what his friend had told him, "We've just borrowed our life from Him, so make use of it." A realization came out of his brown colored eyes, a decision that has been shaped, last!

Got up his chair and hurried off to check his cellphone and dialed the number that might help him with his decision. A go signal was sent to his friend. It was quite a relief for his part where nothing is now bothering him. The only thing left was his financial support. He got a quite a few bucks left on his bank account to support him on his journey to the land of sand, the land of oil and gas, the UAE.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Accidents Happen

Imagine if this happens to you and your love ones, a few seconds of clowning leads to a fatal blow.

Turn off your cellphone when you're driving.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Having a pet in your lifetime gives you calmness and belongingness in this world, you could say proudly that you are still important to other living creatures. It all depends on what you are fund of, some like football, others love hockey, and read books all day long. The thing is, you must be happy on what you're doing even it will make your day busy even that you should have been resting.

I bought a fish on August 2, 2009 with my son, wife, mother and father-in-law. We stopped by a garden store, where they also sell different species of fish. Longing for having an arowana in the house, i bought one for P1,000 with a length of 8 inches. It was a silver one, cheaper than the golden, which I can only afford at the moment. I was so excited to drop it in our 30 gallon tank, but remembered that I need to let the bag float with the arowana for about 5 minutes before releasing it. It was quite amazing and exciting to see the fish swimming and exploring every corner of its new habitat. There was a gold fish in it but I discarded it due to its health condition. The goldfish was swimming like a seaweed without flapping its fins. I was quite cautious as to not affect the new occupant. A bag of guppies that I bought along were eager to transfer to their new home, a 2.5 gallon round aquarium. They were so crowded and biting each other to death, ouch! One pump was kept circulating to provide oxygen in the water.

Having few hours of sleep, with the excitement still inside of me, I got up early to see what happened with my fish. I saw dead guppies on the floor and thank God my arowana is still swimming gracefully. Picked up the dead guppies and drop some live one on the arowana tank. It then made a little swing near the guppy, looking for an opportunity, a rapid strike hit the guppy with precision and was the end of it all. Its big mouth swallowed the poor guppy 'til its death. Well, life is that fast for a guppy but a survival for my 1-thousand worth arowana.

This pet kept me motivated to make things possible, to achieve my dream that I can now afford.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Merchant

It was early in the morning, the sun rises up illuminating the gray sky above the Metro. Frequent beeping of jeepneys and buses heard all over and the barkers shouting to attract passengers. Ed, a young man from southern Luzon, carried loads of chromed metal plates around his shoulder and waited for his bus going to Laguna. Haven't took his breakfast that morning, a drink of cold water is enough to make the day. The bus, old as it looks with no air conditioning, arrived early as expected. The goods were loaded under the bus compartment, where all sorts of stuff were. He sat down at the center seat and shut off his eyelid as soon as his body touched the wooden seat. The man seemed so tired and a little energy taken from his breakfast.

The noise from the barker woke him up speaking in a different dialect, an indication that he have already arrived at his destination. Barkers are all over the place yelling, street vendors selling fruits and vegetables, and people crowded all around the market place. Everyone seems so busy that they've barely noticed Ed on his way to his favorite spot, small retail store. Left some of his stuff and wend his way to the center of the market bringing few of his chromed plates and shouted out to invite his buyers. Few came after the other and eventually few stuff were left on his inventory. The sun was getting too hot for him, so he got in to shade under a tree near a chapel. His sweat evaporates from his dark skin, burnt by the continuous exposure from the sun, making him slightly dizzy. He counted his money from his pocket and found it was enough for him to take his breakfast on that lunch time. He bought 3 cups of rice and 1 dish, enough to fill his growling stomach.

The day expires and night comes to a close. Ed headed to the small store where he asked if he could sleep for the whole night. The lady owner offered him to stay at their place so he could relax a bit more. He thanked the lady and off he go with her. They arrived at the place, a small wooden hut just enough for a family of three. Three young kids went out of the door and greeted the lady with "Mama". A young man came out, just his age, and greeted him a warm welcome. They took their early supper, making few chats and headed on his bamboo-layered bed.

The light of the day and the noise of the chicken are all over the place. He woked up seeing no one is around, got up to see the people outside feeding the chicken and greeted him "Good, Morning". He prepared his things and insisted of taking his breakfast with them. Hurried off to catch the morning bus, heading to Metro, at the market terminal.

All of his goods have been disposed and bringing him an empty sack. He leaned at the bus seat and took his day-long sleep until arriving at the Metro. Having been completed the fulfillment of selling all of his goods and bringing along with him the cash for his family is the great success to call it "Mission Accomplished" and hoping that his sales would be the same upon his next visit.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brisk Walking

We have a small reunion with my high school friend at Perks. It was an exultant meeting discussing the future reunion that we might consider bringing our children with us. We planned to play basketball and have some steak lunch, yummy! The conversation went well and the schedule was set to be on August 15. I am excited and longing for that reunion and hoping that the weather favors us.

It was late when I shut off, around 1am, and can not sleep well. I was bothered to what my friend discussed with me about the high blood pressure thing. I was not aware that the 130/90 HBP is in the limit for my age and I'm now willing to do extra exercise. It is not good to start directly on heavy exercise when you're overweight. You need to trim down on your fats to accommodate your knee capacity that might get injured doing jogging. Brisk walking is the best way to trim your heavy load of fat. It should be followed by monitoring your heart rate and maitaining the maximum heart rate(MHR). MHR can be computed by subtracting 220 to your age and can be done this way:

220 minus your age = maximum heart rate (MHR)

If you're 35 years old, you need to target the MHR of 185 beats per minute to achieve the purpose of brisk walking.

So I woke up early, having not enough sleep, rushed to wear my pair of walking shoes. I started with a slow pace and eventually get in to the brisk walk pace. It was windy that time so I haven't got enough sweat that I've wanted. But it is just right for me considering the long span of no exercise. I bought buko(young coconut) juice with me before heading home. Buko juice is good for your kidney and prevents UTI(Unrinary Tract Infection). My knees felt good and my muscles felt relax on that 3-km morning brisk walk.

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Bye, Mom" Kris Aquino's Speech

"Bye, Mom" phrase of Kris Aquino made me cry while watching her speech. Cory showed her strength, simplicity, honesty and charisma to all Filipinos even in after life.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Basil Herbs with a Reward

I remembered few weeks back when I bought my basil herb. We were at Tagaytay market, stopped by the garden merchandise, and thought of buying the sweet fragrant leafy thing. It is about 6 inches tall, planted on a black plastic garden bag. The man handed it to me, I stared at it wondered where and when to use it. I have a slight idea that it is used in a classy cuisine, still have no idea on the first hand. Knowing that I could Google it, I bought it for P25, not so much of a great loss.

I came home at my house in Laguna, excited but tired, made a great look at the plant. Pierced a couple of leaf to smell its fragrance and held a few between my teeth. It taste a litte minty and bit hot on the tongue that might be good to mix with chicken or pork, I thought.

There are about five leaves hanging on my basil, I feel guilty of using them. Why not plant few stems and it might multiply? Hurried off and took pots from my garden and cut few stems, load and tap it with soil. I watered it right away to moisten.

Oh my, few weeks past, it grew bursting with leaves leaving no space for my flowering plants. The air smells so good with basil fragrance floating around my sala. It is quite rewarding with less expense indeed. I might as well try few other type and other herbs in my journey with my green thumb.

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